Currently in BETA / Partial First Release

Humans vs Zombies Apocalypse

3D strategy game for Mobile (Android and iOS) that involves Online battles against other players around the world, using different types of units and abilities. The game includes world Rankings and Leaderboards for some featured game modes.

Currently in development

The Last Heaven

This is an Open World Role Playing game for the PC, based on an original story, with a Dark-Fantasy Medieval setting where players will be able to play their own style and be the hero, the villain or both, as they warp worlds joining other players online.

Currently in the Concept definition phase

Codename: Horizon

A building and resource managament game, with the ability to handle thousands of agents as "citizens", with their own AI to "navigate life".

Currently in the Concept definition phase

Codename: Frags

Action-packed third person shooter online multiplayer game with auto-generated worlds

Video Games have the power to drive our imagination to extraordinary fictional worlds, aided by an engaging story, beautiful visuals and immersive sounds