Twisted Logic Games

About us

Twisted Logic Games (TLG) is a small studio/startup dedicated to build Video Games for different platforms, exploring new grounds and proposing new ways to deliver quality content to the huge gaming community.

Twisted Logic Games was created in 2016 after deliberating what kind of video games we wanted to get into and we were feeling a bit disappointed by the current options for us to play, because, we are hardcore video gamers after all.

Having our background in software development with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence, we believe video games nowadays must have the best AI of all time to make the characters to feel alive and most importantly, to make the player to believe it.

We are still a long way to go but we are enjoying every single step of this journey, constantly learning and reaching one goal at a time.

TLG is always open to collaborate with other studios/startups, as we have done it in the past.